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On Vodafone? Then cancel your contract without a penalty.

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones & Tablets' started by scoopex, 16 Jun 2015.

  1. scoopex

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    There are important pricing changes happening this summer.

    You’ll be aware that Ofcom is changing the way service numbers (also known as non-geographic numbers) are charged, to bring more pricing transparency for mobile phone customers. For more information on these changes visit our UK calling page

    Excess charges from 10 August
    In an effort to make similar improvements to our own pricing, we’re simplifying our excess charges. These charges – also known as out of bundle charges – are what you’ll pay if you exceed your monthly allowance, or if you don’t have a monthly allowance.

    From 10 August 2015, there’ll be a single price of 37.5p (excluding VAT) a minute for the following plans:

    4G Red, Red, Red+, Red Business, Essentials, Your Plan Small Business, Business Single plans, Your Plan, Standard Bundle, Red Bundle, Red Value Bundle, Business Premier and One Net Express Single plans.

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  2. uvarvu


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  3. nightrider1470


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    So can I cancel on Vodafone?
  4. spoffle


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    This isn't really about the change, it's an opportunity for people to cancel their contracts without penalty.

    If I had a Vodaphone contract, I'd cancel it and go SIM only.
  5. Drake5


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    Does this effect new customers to ?

    How exactly would it work - You just give them 30 days cancellation notice and send your device back? You also have to pay the remainder of your contract you just don't pay any early termination?
  6. PapaLazaru


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    This is the same for every mobile and fixed line / isp provider.
  7. robfosters

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    Most contracts include the price of a phone, so I'd assume you would be billed for the remainder of the balance left on it?
  8. chanjy


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    I'd like to do this and cancel but the page states...

    What if I am a Vodafone customer but haven't received that communication, or a link to that page? :confused:
  9. -Mike-


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    Where is the cancellation page?
  10. meandu229

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  11. chanjy


    Joined: 14 Dec 2003

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    Talking about text on the link provided in the OP.

    I haven't been sent any links to that page so I can't see how I would have received that notice saying that I can cancel.
  12. Rusty!

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    Nope, your tariff is only for the air time, the handset is an inducement.
  13. robnut

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    Rang em up to question, guy said I aint eligible as I don't go outside of my allowance.
  14. Dale V


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    any more info on this? i cant find any info on vodafone, my googling sucks also.
  15. Mattus


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    Sounds like you're being had there! They're giving people the chance to cancel because they're changing the terms of the contract. That has nothing to do with whether you've gone outside the allowance in the past. What if you want to in the future?
  16. flexo786

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    my brother was told the same when he rang up to cancel
  17. Skeeter


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    Yeah the OP has kind of skirted around the point. You can cancel your contract if your provider changes the terms of your contract and gives you less than a certain amount of days notice (90 or something?). The law means if they do this you can cancel without penalty.

    This new ruling obviously means they are doing that. Vodafone are just being open about your ability to cancel.

    Edit: actually, it may be a rule regarding price increases above RPI inflation. Either way, they are changing the contracts in a way that requires them to let you cancel.

    Don't phone up, write to them.
  18. robnut

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    Going to send them a letter and see how it goes.
  19. Dale V


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    i just phoned and they basically wondered wtf i was on about!?
  20. jrodga2k5


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    I'm just going to send them a letter, always get nowhere over the phone with Vodafone.