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operating system

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by demonfatality, 20 Sep 2009.

  1. demonfatality


    Joined: 15 Jul 2009

    Posts: 368

    do you have to buy a new version of windows for every new pc build...im guessing you do but hoping you dont
  2. PermaBanned


    Joined: 7 Jul 2009

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    Location: Newcastle/Aberdeen

    No. The activation code should work four or five times, then you just call up a guy to give you a new one.
  3. gillywibble

    Capo Crimine

    Joined: 28 Jun 2007

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    Location: Tamworth, UK

    You don't even speak to a human these days, it's all automated.
  4. Nanobot


    Joined: 18 Sep 2008

    Posts: 960

    Depends on what you mean by 'build'. Do you mean a reinstall or a build of additional pcs?
  5. memyselfandi


    Joined: 10 Oct 2005

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    Location: Nottingham

    If you are just reinstalling on to the same hardware then you can use the same key again and again without issues.

    If you have a retail copy of the OS, i.e. not OEM, then you can move it between systems but you need to uninstall it off the old hardware before installing it onto the new hardware, i.e. it must only be installed on one system at a time.

    If you have an oem copy of the OS then it is only licensed to be used on the PC which you originally installed it onto. You can upgrade all parts of that machine except for the motherboard. If you replace the motherboard, unless it is a proper RMA like for like replacement not an upgrade, then the system is classed as a new PC and the oem copy of the OS is no longer licensed and you must purchase a new copy.

    People will tell you not to worry and that you can just install it again on new hardware and it will either activiate or you can phone up and get it activated. Whilst this may well be the case this does not mean that you are licensed to use the oem OS any more as you are in breach of the license agreement. In that case you are about as legit as if you'd just downloaded a dodgy copy in the first place.

    I suggest that you do a search and read through some threads in the Windows sub-forum where this has been covered again and again many times.