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Out for a walk after lunch

Discussion in 'Photography & Video' started by Gojira, 3 Jun 2006.

  1. Gojira

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    Joined: 7 Aug 2004

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    Location: Sandwell UK

    So I was bored after lunch, and drove out to the Sandwell Valley for a walk, and see about taking some pics for the new comp.

    Nice afternoon, Emerson, Lake and Palmer on the mp3, and I did get some good pictures. :D

    The competition shots need some tweaking, so that will probably take till tomorrow, but this didn't need much -


    All I did was adjust the exposure in Rawshooter, save it and resize it.

    Photography can be bad for the blood pressure though - I almost stumbled on a steep bank, while carrying a 24-105 L, a 70-200F4 L and with a 100mm macro on the front of my 20D. :eek:

    Fortunately, my house insurance does cover it all!

    Alan Woodford
  2. themask70

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    Location: Saffron Walden, Essex

    Very good, no bad points :)
  3. AdWright

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    Nice bokeh! However, it's cropped a little too tightly for my tastes. Also, I would rotate it 90 degree CW. Sorry to be picky, but it also looks as though you have focused on the thorax rather than the eyes. Focusing on the eyes usually has a bit more impact :)