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Outlook plugin - limit to BCC for multiple domain emails

Discussion in 'Windows & Other Software' started by AHarvey, 21 Jan 2020.

  1. AHarvey


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    We often have issues where we may need to send important emails to several clients at the same time, this is normally due to a technical issue and although everyone is told to use BCC it often gets forgotten during the madness of a severe incident.

    Does anyone know of a plugin that throws an alert or stops you sending an email if the TO field contains more than X number of email domains?

    Just something that says "you are sending an email to multiple domains, are you sure this shouldn't be a BCC email?"

    Seems like there should be something out there that does this especially with GDPR in place.
  2. Bouton Aide


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    Email isn't the way to go here. Get yourself a newsletter thing like mailchip or likes of. You can customise your emails before you send it and even have templates with email addresses in a group. You go through couple steps for a nice custom layout.

    How many clients we talking about here? 50-200-5000?
  3. Vince

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    You can do it on the send connector within exchange in a round about way. I have something exactly like this where i will throw a custom bounce on similar rules to yours. Sadly not at work to give you a decent overview.

    Other than that i also do very similar with custom .net buttons in outlook that are deployed out from visual studio. Personally id try and do something on the send connector first.

    Edit: forgot about this but I do also have a bit of vb that you could deploy and modify that blocks emails to people that have died at various clients to prevent the inevitable upset email back. This one pops up a message box on send. Ill get one of my guys to send me the code, it would be super easy to modify for what you want (its only probably 20 lines and you can deploy it via developer tab).
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