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Overclocking a Q9450 on a P5Q Pro Turbo

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by Damac, 20 Oct 2009.

  1. Damac


    Joined: 9 Jul 2009

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    Looking at overclocking my system but I'm getting a bit confused, and some guidence would be great.

    If I do over clock the system does the memory have to be over clocked?

    My specs are:

    Asus P5Q Pro Turbo
    Corsair XMS2 DDR2 PC2-8500C5 (4GB) Twin sticks
    BFG 8800 GTS 640MB
    OC2 GameXstream 600w Slinet SLi
    Zalaman Cooler

    Bios Settings as now without overclocking:

    AI Overclock tuner: Manual
    CPU Ratio Setting: Auto
    FSB Frequency: 333
    PCI-E Frequency: 100
    FSB Strap to North Bridge: Auto
    DRAM Frequency: DDR2 1066 MHz
    DDRAM Timing Control: Manual

    WRITE to PRE Delay: AUTO
    READ to PRE Delay: AUTO
    PRE to PRE Delay: AUTO
    ALL PRE to ACT Delay: AUTO
    ALL PRE to REF Delay: AUTO

    DRAM Static Read Control: Auto
    DRAM Read Training: Auto
    MEM. OC Charger: Auto
    AI Clock Twister: Auto

    CPU Voltage: 1.12V
    CPU GTL Voltage Reference : Auto
    CPU PLL Voltage: Auto
    FSB Termination Voltage : Auto
    NB Voltage: Auto
    DRAM Voltage: 2.1v
    SBridge Voltage: Auto
    PCIE SATA Voltage: Auto

    Load Line Calibration: Disabled
    CPU Spread Spectrum: Disabled
    PCIE Spread Spectrum: Auto
    CPU Clock Skew: Auto
    NB Clock Skew: Auto
    CPU Margin Enhancement: Optimized

    **** Advance CPU Settings ****
    CPU Ratio Setting : Auto
    C1E Support: Enabled
    Max CPUID Value Limit: Enabled
    Intel Virtualization Tech: Enabled
    CPU TM Function: Enabled
    Execute Disable Bit: Enabled

    Thanks for any advice!
    Last edited: 20 Oct 2009