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Overclocking a X2 3800+

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by brightside_, 3 Mar 2006.

  1. brightside_


    Joined: 22 Jan 2006

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    just ordered an X2 to replace my Opteron 144, as I need a bit more CPU power to multitask now. I'm wondering how well these 3800s currently clock on stock cooling,
    I'm looking for 2.5-2.7GHz don't mind if it only hits 2.5, am likely to be getting watercooling for the summer, as it's a hot room.

    Any recs on V-core, Dividers for my RAM which is Corsair Twin-X XMS 3200C2PT it'll hit 245MHz so running on a 333 divider should be okay right?. RAM voltage, etc?

    just some tips basically, my Opteron was my first clock, but I don't want to mess a £200 chip up!
  2. weescott


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  3. kevpuk


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    Agreed.......personally, I found my X2 3800+ a breeze to overclock.....seems that this is often the case on, but dependant on the individual chip - either it goes up plenty, or doesn't really budge ;)