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Overclocking and it's ramping down to boost speed

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by Steviep146, 27 Jun 2020.

  1. Steviep146


    Joined: 16 Apr 2020

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    Hi all.
    I've recently swapped my Ryzen 2600 with mobo and ram with my son's old i5 4690k h81m mobo and ram as it was crashing when he was playing long sessions of ark. That games awfully optimised!
    Anyway I know h81m boards are not designed for overclocking but some of them can do it. Mine is a gigabyte h81m-s2v. It has overclocking features in the bios. I changed the multiplier up to 43 (4.3ghz) and wanted to test up from there. Cooking isn't an issue as I have a good flow in the case and hyper 212 Evo. Had issues booting so adjusted vcore to 1.165 and it's all fine.
    The issue is it shows 4290hz in all monitoring software (used a bunch).
    When the load reaches near max, let's say about 85 %, it ramps back down to the factory boost clock speed of 3900hz.
    I've tried disabling the boost technology and also separately leaning it on and adjusting the boost multipliers to 43 but it still ramps back to 3900hz.
    Does anyone know why it is doing this?
    For what I play this cpu is good enough but on warzone is running at 95% and I wanted to just see if I could squeeze a bit extra out of it before I decide to upgrade it. It's never been overclocked from New.
    Any advice would be most appreciated.
    Cheers Steve