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Paint advice

Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by benparker, 25 Oct 2020.

  1. benparker

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    So Im after a slightly grey colour paint for one bedroom wall. Now Ive not painted before and this is for a place Im renting (so dont want really expensive paint). It seems there are three different paint types? Matt, Sheen and Silk. What would be the best type to go for? Right opposite are the windows so there will be good lighting coming onto the wall.

    The wall is 3.7 meters long and the colour is magnoia (silk). Based on that, which size tub will I need? Will it need undercoating? Is Johnstones brand and Wilkos brand any good?

  2. Scrutinize


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  3. Kill_Phil

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    Johnstones trade paint is what you need. Whole range of colours including colour match. Shadow smoke has is almost white with a hint of grey.

    In terms of finish it all comes down to personal taste but I always go with a matt finish
  4. benparker

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    You can't wipe off pen marks from matt right?
  5. mickyflinn


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  6. benparker

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    Apparently emulsion Matt is supposed to be better in terms of cleaning it?
  7. b0rn2sk8


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    You can get matt paint which has a durable washable finish. I'd recommend you don't let this type of paint (any brand) fully dry before removing any masking tape as it will bond to the tape and damage the finish when you try to remove it.

    I haven't had any issues with Wilko paint, it's 'fine', not the best but not the worse paint in the world by a long stretch and they do a range of durable matt paint if that's what is available to you.


    If the wall is painted silk and you are paining over it with matt, give it a good rub down with some medium sand paper to remove the shine.

    I find most normal paint brands in the low to middle price brackets a much of a muchness these days. Most of the issues that people have with paint is normally down to the prep and poor technique rather than poor quality paint. Generally speaking the actual painting the walls is the quick/easy part.