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paper crumpling along one edge on "old" HP4050

Discussion in 'Printers' started by Mel_P, 8 Oct 2019.

  1. Mel_P

    Wise Guy

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    Hello, had this printer for "yonks". Suddenly the paper coming out has about a cm crumpling on the LH side. It's "obviously" something in the feed. I looked everywhere I can and cannot see any trapped paper or damage roller etc. The paper path seems to be clean. Sometimes the paper cpmes through perfect with no damage; the next 2 pages will have a damaged edge, then all will be ok. Same if I feed it from the tray below or the front "straight-through" feed tray.

    Any suggestions to cure this please?

  2. morbid42


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    - fan paper and put it in the other way
    - look for a consistant pattern eg 1 good 2 bad - a roller could be sticking very slightly eg paper dust causing the 2nd sheet to touch the first
    - look along edge to see if it crumples at same point
    - use and new paper thatbhasgot to temperatue/humidity
    - do testing by printng blank sheets
  3. K.C. Leblanc


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    Make sure all the paper guides are properly set. Attack all the rubber rollers with a brilo pad.
  4. Silicon Si


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    This and also make sure your using the correct weight of paper when i worked in IT the number of time a user was using crappy paper was the problem.