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Passed MOT!

Discussion in 'Motors' started by Scania, 29 Jul 2006.

  1. Scania


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    Happy post tinged with minor rant! :o :D

    My wallet can feel easy again, just taken my car for its MOT (yes, I was dreading it!) much to my delight, it passed with just a note of caution about "slightly corroded brake pipes" - which will be in due course replaced.

    Amazing, whilst getting my rear tyres replaced ready for the MOT, the tyre fitter commented that my "Cats needed replacing" which I was suspicious about, glad to say "my" garage who look after it & MOT'd it, confirmed he was talking crap and after making a few quid out of me! :mad:

    Bloody annoying that the motor trade try their best to make money from you when works not required.

    I'm considering a letter to the local trading standards, alas, i doubt it will do anything constructive to prevent these ripp-off merchants! :mad:

    Moral of the story? Always get a 2'nd opinion I suppose.

  2. thebrasso


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    I'm always a bit wary because I'm not mechanically competant. But I know that when I've been there problems have been fixed, some of which I'd diagnosed myself like knackered wheel bearings.