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password protecting folders

Discussion in 'Windows & Other Software' started by bottletop, 6 Jul 2006.

  1. bottletop

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    At work we have an external USB hardrive that I'm currently formatting to NTFS. On it I want to put 10 or so folders each belonging to a different person and password protect each folder so that when the HD is plugged into their own pc they can only access the contents of their own folder with all the others being access denied.

    At the moment all the folders are temporarily on my pc, so when I transfer them to the USB HD I expect I will be the owner of every folder which I'm trying to avoid.

    Anyone got any suggestions how to handle this? Thought about zipping them up but ideally I don't want the data to be password protected that way.

  2. [email protected]


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    think microsoft have just release a small app for protected folders with passwords... saw it on here somewhere today, might be worth checking out
  3. bottletop

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    literally just seen that too after I posted, but am wondering whether it can be applied to an external HD.