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Pay As You Go Dial up

Discussion in 'Networks & Internet Connectivity' started by cobrax, 9 Mar 2010.

  1. cobrax


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    Im looking for a dial up survice for a relative that realy uses the computer, they did have a acount with someone, but they dont now who it is, or the details to use it. So i was thinking of just using another dial up service for them, But i have no idea of who to go with. Has anyone got any tips or preferances as to wich direction to go.

    Another option i was considering was to get them ADSL connection, but cant find a cheap enough option as they bearly use the internet as it is.
  2. Locky


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    tbh most of the people like Sky Talk talk etc offer free ADSL with the phone package.

    also had a look at PAYG 3g internet?
  3. Duke

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    Something like UK2 will be fine for plain dial up but they would probably use the Internet more if on broadband anyway? So could be worth the £6-8 a month for a basic package or as mentioned above - could be included free / cheaper if they have Sky or something.