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PC gone titsup since apply X2 patch/hotfix

Discussion in 'Windows & Other Software' started by GravyMonster, 25 May 2006.

  1. GravyMonster


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    Hi all,

    I applied the X2 patch and MS hotfix last night and left the pc working happily. Come to it this morning and everytime i try to access the internet through a program, it brings up an error report, although i can ignore the reoprt and still use the program - as i am doing right now.

    I've since uninstalled the patch and hotfix but it's still happening. I've also tried to restore an old registry back up from yesterday, but when i do that i get a 'Not all data successfully written. Some keys are open by the system' message. Also, after doing that i have no sound as it complains about the directsound driver.

    Any ideas would be appreciated as i'm about to tear my hair out after finally getting this thing working how i wanted it :(


    *not so ninja edit*
    should also mention that i've done full spyware and virus scans and come back with nothing.
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  2. ns400r


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    Post an image of the original error message.