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PC to HD Monitor - What?!

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by alowe23, 16 Oct 2009.

  1. alowe23


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    Hello! I posted on here last week after ordering the Titan Sabre with the Viewsonic 22" Monitor, regarding which OS to get with it?
    Well, I've now had this machine for a few days along with Vista x64 and have to say I absolutely love everything about it. Thank you OverClockers! And thanks to you guys who gave some helpful advice.
    Obviously I couldn't possibly have posted this without a question of some kind - it's quite trivial really...
    Obviously the Titan Sabre comes with the ATI 4890 HD, and the monitor I got was the Viewsonic HD 22"... So there are 3 options for connecting - DVI to DVI, DVI to D-Sub, or DVI to HDMI.
    I've been using DVI to D-Sub, which is fine, but was intrigued about the HDMI port on the monitor, so yesterday I bought a DVI to HDMI cable.
    Loaded up the computer, and was surprised to discover the quality is NOT as good as DVI to D-Sub? The image itself is smaller - it doesn't fit the entire screen, and the quality is not as good either - it appears slightly washed out/not as sharp...
    Am I doing something wrong? Or is the monitor itself just not that great on the HD front?
    I tried messing around with settings on the Catalyst Control Center but to no avail... So I'm back to DVI to D-Sub.
    Again it's quite trivial really, but I'm curious... Am I viewing my computer in HD using DVI to D-Sub?!
  2. 95thrifles

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    DVI should give a better image, you could try swapping the cables then uninstall the drivers and install new drivers and allow it to autodetect the optimum resolution, hopefully this will fix the issue
  3. LordSplodge


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    Just use DVI - DVI for the best image quality. As for the screen not being the right size: Are you running at the correct (native) resolution?
  4. Mr.Nick

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