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PC video output to RGB Scart.

Discussion in 'Monitors' started by VIRII, 21 Jan 2006.

  1. VIRII


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    I was not sure where to put this, here, graphics cards or home entertainment.
    The question is basically about video standards and I think possibly this forum is most applicable.

    I used the SVHS output of my TV to the scart input of my TV with a fairly decent quality cable. I got an adequate but not brilliant colour picture, pretty much identical to what I got when I used SVHS to SVHS on the TV.
    Then I plugged the Scart into the RGB scart on my TV and got a greyscale picture but the clarity was much better.

    So the question is - what is the best way to get your PC screen to display on a regular TV ? VGA to RGB scart - is that possible ?

    Am I right in assuming that a VGA output would be better onscreen than SVHS or would the TV limit things to such a degree that there would be no discernable difference ?

    Are any graphics cards capable of outputting RGB via SVHS (I assume not)?