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PCI-E Graphics card for £150

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Kona*, 7 Feb 2006.

  1. Kona*

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    A few months back I got a Dell Optiplex GX620 from work to take home, it has a Radeon X600 Pro in it which is okay for WoW but if I want to play CS:S at 1280x1024 it struggles a bit! I have about £150 to spend on a card and have narrowed it down to two (well three, one is a bit expensive) - Also the Dell is a BTX machine, which I dont *think* has one of those PCI-X power connectors on the PSU. Can I get a molex -> PCI-X connector? And will a normal card fit in a PCI-X motherboard?

    Anyway, onto my selection;

    PowerColor ATI Radeon X800 GTO16 256MB GDDR3 TV-Out/DVI (PCI-Express) - Retail (GX-055-PC) - £129.19

    Gigabyte GeForce 6800 GS 256MB GDDR3 TV-Out/Dual DVI (PCI-Express) & Quake 4 Bundle - Retail (GX-016-GI) - £146.82

    Push the boat out, if its *really* worth the cash:
    XFX GeForce 6800 GS Extreme XXX Edition 256MB GDDR3 TV-Out/DVI (PCI-Express) - Retail (GX-056-XF) - £158.57

    Which one do you lot think? :confused:


  2. Gibbo


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    Hi there

    The GTO16 has faster performance but the other two cards will have slightly improved images quality been a more modern card. Also the 6800 GS are fantastic overclockers on PCI-E which will equal up the performance levels.

    In fact the XFX 6800 GS EE is no doubt as quick as the GTO16 if not faster, but bother cards should overclock very well, tough decision. I'd say get the GTO16 and with the money saved have a night out. :)