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Pda Sat nav help needed

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by S.S.S., 31 Jan 2006.

  1. S.S.S.


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    Hi gang... I'm not sure of the correct forum for this I hope I'm in the right place :D

    I have a Toshiba E750 Pda that has lost it's installed Sat Nav but I have now got TT5 loaded on it and it has a flash card receiver... that's where I am having my problems it has worked as a package in the past (with TT3 I believe) but after having battery problems the Pda lost all it's settings I'm having difficulty getting the Flash Card Receiver to be reconised in the flash socket.

    I was going to buy an external antenna but as yet I've drawn a blank in finding one that I can actually get a "Y" connector cable to fit in my Pda,
    Now that sounds daft I know but I have drawn a blank and I've decided to take a step back and see if I can get the flash card one working again.

    When I plug the receiver in I get this message on the screen....

    Unreconised Card

    Enter the name of the device driver for this card.
    For information, see the card manufacturers documentation.

    Then in the box it says...

    Uknown card in socket 1
    I don't have paperwork with the receiver but I do have a disc and I have tried that but no luck, also I've been on the homepage for it and it has the same info as on the disc so that feels like a dead end to.

    A friend had a Packard Pda running TT5 and when we plugged the receiver in that the Pda reconised it immediatly and he has never run a flash type before his antenna is on the dash board in the car.

    The name of the receiver is FAC CF-30LP GPS Receiver Card


    Can anyone give me a few pointers I feel like I'm going in a circle here at the moment

    Am I missing a driver here ? or it it simly a case of knowing what to key in the box in order for it to be reconised ??

  2. S.S.S.


    Joined: 12 Oct 2005

    Posts: 27

    Location: South Wales

    evening bump ;)