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Philips 200W6CS - What DV-I Cable?

Discussion in 'Monitors' started by zom247, 1 Mar 2006.

  1. zom247


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    I'm thinking of buying this monitor and wondered what sort of DVI-D cable I'd need. I also have an X1900XTX card as well. At the moment I am using a DVI-D Single link cable. Is that good enough or do I need a different cable?
  2. flip


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    I've just opened up two of these screens,

    You get in the box

    vga cable
    dvi cable
    usb cable
    audio cable
    power cable
    driver cd and instructions

    Both my screens have no bad pixels, but have a little back light bleed, but that’s the only negative point I can see and am happy to put up with it

    Just tried battlefield 1942 with widescreen hack and I can not see any ghosting at all coming from a crt screen

    I've not seen it mentioned before, but the stand has cable management built in, and you have height, tilt and the base rotates left and right (not portrait mode)

    Fantastic screens, I waited for ages to decided, but after putting it on my desk I wish I got it earlier, it looks great

    So back on topic, the cable supplied plugged in my geforce ti4200 dvi and gave me a picture no problem, then just changed the resolution, 1680 x 1050 was already listed, easy