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Pic of the Day 12.08

Discussion in 'TOSAH Archive' started by Sir Ulli, 13 Aug 2004.

  1. Sir Ulli


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    taken from here

    A new image from the Hubble Space Telescope finds interesting things inside an inflating, see-through space bubble.

    The expanding cavity within a gaseous cloud is carved by radiation and an intense wind of particles blowing off a hot young star. The star ejects 100 million times more stuff than our Sun, hurling it outward at about 4 million miles per hour (7 million kph) -- that's about 4 times faster than the speed of the solar wind that races away from the Sun.

    The transparent bubble is considered a nebula, and it is called N44F. The scene is about 160,000 light-years away in a neighboring galaxy called the Large Magellanic Cloud.

    The interior wall of the bubble is lined with several finger-like columns of cool gas and dust, each about 4 to 8 light-years long. Similar columns make up the Pillars of Creation in a famous Hubble image of the much closer Eagle Nebula. The pillars in N44F point toward the central star and are illuminated by the star's ultraviolet radiation.

    The picture was taken in March 2002 and released today.

    as ever a good picture from Hubble

    so also look here

    Sir Ulli
  2. Slackworth


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    ... Nice pic.:cool:
  3. Mad old tory


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    Once again Sir Ulli, a very nice find indeed :)
  4. Sir Ulli


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    did someone know who was the Earth at this time, i think no one knews this, so

    give a new Answer, what will be in 160.00 Light Years here on our Planet, so a message took 160.000 Light years to come to our Planet, but what is the Answer, this took also 160.000 light Years, but what will be in this time....

    you have to think about this...

    Sir Ulli