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Pic Of The Day 12th April

Discussion in 'TOSAH Archive' started by Markjcj, 12 Apr 2003.

  1. Markjcj


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    Todays pic is another one from onboard the International Space Station; more of a human interest pic today though.:)


    London at Night

    Do you recognize this intriguing globular cluster of stars? It's actually the constellation of city lights surrounding London, England, planet Earth, as recorded with a digital camera from the International Space Station. Taken in February 2003, north is toward the top and slightly left in this nighttime view. The encircling "London Orbital" highway by-pass, the M25, is easiest to pick out south of the city. Even farther south are the lights of Gatwick airport and just inside the western (left hand) stretch of the Orbital is Heathrow. The darkened Thames river estuary fans out to the city's east. In particular, two small "dark nebulae" - Hyde Park and Regents Park - stand out slightly west of the densely packed lights at the city's core.

    Credit: ISS Crew, Earth Sciences and Image Analysis Lab, JSC, NASA

    A larger versions of this pic can be found here, this is a 908K Jpeg image.

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  2. Mandex001


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    now that is pretty :)
  3. VirtualAdept


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    Nice piccy sah, gonna have a new desktop :D... feel the starrage.
  4. PurDunamis

    Wise Guy

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    Another nice pic sah:)
  5. Balrog


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    Very interesting Mark
  6. daesdaemar


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    So that's what London looks like... :confused:
  7. Dangerous


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    Looks very good :)
  8. Chimi


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    I can see my house from here!