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Pic Of The Day 20th February

Discussion in 'TOSAH Archive' started by Markjcj, 20 Feb 2003.

  1. Markjcj


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    Todays pic is taken from the NASA science pages again.


    Layers of Mars

    Mars Global Surveyor spotted terrains on Mars that look like sedimentary rock deposits. If the mysterious layers formed underwater, as some scientists suspect, they may be a good place to hunt for Martian fossils.

    Layered terrains on Mars discovered by NASA's Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft bear a striking resemblance to sedimentary deposits here on Earth that form under water. Liquid water is scarce on Mars nowadays, but it might have been common four billion years ago. If these Martian layers turn out to have a watery origin, as some scientists suspect, they could hold the key to the mysterious history of water (and maybe even life) on the Red Planet.

    The page this article is taken from can be found here.

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  2. VirtualAdept


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    Hmmm, looks like an accident hehehe...

    Nice work as always sah...
  3. Biffa

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    My eyes feel like that tonight. :cool:

    5*'s for accuracy then s'ah :)
  4. PurDunamis

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    Very nice pics sah, 5* and a free bump:)