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Pic Of The Day 26th September

Discussion in 'TOSAH Archive' started by Markjcj, 26 Sep 2003.

  1. Markjcj


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    Todays pic is an excellent view of a section of the Large Magellanic Cloud.


    SN1987a in the Large Magellanic Cloud

    Glittering stars and wisps of gas create a breathtaking backdrop for the self-destruction of a massive star, called supernova 1987A, in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a nearby galaxy. Astronomers in the Southern Hemisphere witnessed the brilliant explosion of this star on Feb. 23, 1987.

    Shown in this Hubble telescope image, the supernova remnant, surrounded by inner and outer rings of material, is set in a forest of ethereal, diffuse clouds of gas.

    This piccy is from the Hubble Heritage site and therefore has lots of different size pictures that are available for download, several of them are formatted to wallpaper size (the above picture is the 640*480 version). The other images and a full text write up can be found here. The images range in size, from 18KB up to 5.63MB.:eek:

    Credit: Hubble Heritage Team (AURA/STScI/NASA)

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  2. Andre


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    Excellent Piccy as always Mark

    Well Worthy of 5*s
  3. shaun88


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    very nice pic dad 5* for that
  4. skattrd

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    Nice pic otd, as always Mark
  5. VirtualAdept


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    Top notch post Mark sah
  6. Bundles

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    Sweet pic MArk :)

    Mrs Bundles loved it too :p