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Pic Of The Day 7th Marrch

Discussion in 'TOSAH Archive' started by Markjcj, 7 Mar 2003.

  1. Markjcj


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    Todays pic is a bit different from the usual offerings in this thread, it concentrates on us instead of outer space.:)


    Where People Live on Planet Earth

    Where do people live on Planet Earth? Although people inhabit every continent, the highest population densities occur in Asia. Sparsely inhabited regions occur on virtually every continent, however, including the Sahara Desert in Africa, the Great White North of North America, the outback of Australia, the Amazon of South America, and the Himalayan Mountains of Asia. The above color-coded map was produced from populations estimates made for 1994, when the world population was about 5.5 billion. Current estimates place the world population at about 6.3 billion.

    Credit: NRCS, USDA

    A larger version of this piccy can be found here, this is a 174K Gif image.

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  2. Berserker

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    Nice, but what happened to your sig?
  3. Markjcj


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    I got bored of it, I'm gonna have a hunt for something new soon:eek:
  4. VirtualAdept


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    Nice n informative too... nice work sah
  5. PurDunamis

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    Something a bit different - nice pic sah:)
  6. [ASSE]Arnie01


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    Thats very interesting actually, I had no idea Europe was so heavily populated. Would you just look at Australia too, unbeleivable that they still kick everyones ass at Cricket, Rugby, Swimming!

    Then again their political system is the best I have ever seen and during my visit there you can see why the place is so successful, they take great pride in everything they do and everything is so clean, makes you realise in some ways what state this country is in. Sorry, getting a bit OT here.

    Off to bed then, I've spammed enough tonight and people will start associating me with Tw18 or that adwhitty guy. :rolleyes:

  7. Snash


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    Very interesting pic when compared with the night time one showing all the lights on in the world. Notice that on the night one there's not a lot of lights in West Africa yet today's pic shows quite a large population. I guess leccy's not got everywhere yet.