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Pic Of The Day, December 17th

Discussion in 'TOSAH Archive' started by Markjcj, 17 Dec 2002.

  1. Markjcj


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    Today I thought that we could come a little bit closer to home for our picture of the day, rather than just admiring the beauty of space and the natural wonders it contains, do any of us ever stop to think; what about the things we are doing? Are we adding to or detracting from that beauty?
    From a personal perspective, after looking at this picture I can only think that we are adding to it's beauty. I know some may disagree and say that because of it's purely physical appearance the International Space Station should not be considered a thing of beauty, however I personally believe that we have to look beyond the physical in circumstances like this, instead consider the long-term implications of the project.
    When we consider that the two main partners in this project were bitter enemies only a few short years ago; now although not neccesarily the best of friends, they have shown through co-operation and trust what man is capable of, who can deny that that is a beautiful thing?


    Backdropped by the blackness of space and Earth’s horizon, this full view of the International Space Station (ISS) was photographed by a crewmember on board the Space Shuttle Endeavour following the undocking of the two spacecraft. Endeavour pulled away from the complex at 2:05 p.m. (CST) on December 2, 2002 as the two spacecraft flew over northwestern Australia. The newly installed Port One (P1) truss now complements the Starboard One (S1) truss in lower frame.

    A larger version of this picture is available (1.1 MB Jpeg), here.

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  2. Berserker

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    Can someone explain these trusses to me please - I don't get it.

    Nice pic though.:)
  3. MindYerBeak


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    It may look ugly now in the guise of present day technology, but how many ugly objects of the past are now to be considered as beautiful antiques and widely sought after? The first Ford car? Ugly and monstrous in it's day, but look at the beauty now. Only the very rich can afford a Model T Ford.

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  4. Augmented


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    These pictures of ISS are just amazing when you think about it and I agree, definitely a thing of beauty when one considers what it stands for. The fact we have got to the stage as the human race where there are people living in a space station, in space, up there miles and miles above is just simply amazing. Although it seems almost commonplace nowadays it's still essentially a completely alien concept to many people beneath it on the Earth. Nonetheless to see that the 'space race' thing isn't really an issue anymore, and at least in some things, opposing factions can come together constructively is hopeful.
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  5. exedanni

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    I think the ISS is a great achievement. If you guys have seen the beginning of Enterprise it shows man's journey of scientific discovery eventually leading to starships. At one point they show the ISS being built and added on to (even further than it is today). That part sends a shiver down my spine cause it seems so futuristic, yet it's actually out there :)
  6. Fixxxer

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    Fabulous :), keep up the good work good sir.:)