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Plant based burgers and lab grown meat

Discussion in 'La Cuisine' started by UberTiger, 18 Apr 2019.

  1. Begbie


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    No, and you're right.

    But I do mostly make all my own food,incl burgers (unless eating out). But if a Burger (or any food) is being made with a lot of chemicals and I was using it as a main diet then I would like to know what I'm digesting.

    Yes if I was trying it as a one off, or a treat etc then I wouldn't be fussed.
  2. smit101


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    For starters vegetable fat is not healthier that animal fat, most vegetable fat is high in polyunsaturates/omega 6 (seed oils being the worst) it's highly inflammatory and particularly bad when heated, without a doubt one of the most toxic so called foods you can put in your body. As for a Black Bean burger being the healthiest burger option! LOL! No! The healthiest burger would be made from grass fed/grass finished organic beef, easy enough to source if you can be bothered.