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Play Divx on 360 from MCE

Discussion in 'Console Games & Hardware' started by JUMPURS, 17 Jan 2006.



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    Game accross this article, dunno if its been posted. Basically its so all of you with Divx on a Media Center PC can play Divx files on the 360.
    I haven't tried it or that, since i havent built a media center yet, but apparently is converts it on the fly?
    anyways here you go. I think the link is sfe.
    Also it is legal AFAIK, and i got the link from Major Nelsons site so shouldnt break any MS EULA's or that i wouldnt imagine ;)
  2. Memphis


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    That site refuses to load correctly for me but if this is the re-encode on the fly workaround then it has been posted before.
  3. cmt


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    from what i saw this is a front-end for it that runs from the 360 as part of the MC extender.

    Not tried it yet though.

  4. JimmyEatWorms


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    Looks better than the previous solutions which required you to do a lot of fiddling on your PC before playing every video.
  5. pinkaardvark


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    I really still can't see the point. I mean if you have a HDTV your gonna have your 360 plugged into it, but you'd also want your MCE PC plugged in also so you can browse the web, I mean an MCE PC is designed for the living room.

    Guess i'm just a bit annoyed at the 360 for nearly being what I wanted, but fundamentally flawed in this respect ie can't access network storage, cant play my own content even when it is legal stuff and doesn't have a browser. I guess only of use if you have a real big house and have a 360 in a different room from your MCE box. Hopefully vista will sort all this out ie proper XP but with the media features bundled as well.
  6. Metalface Mark


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    I have an MCE on my plasma, and do absolutely no surfing on it, pc's for surfing, MCE is for watching films and stuff.