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Playstation 3 Online Survey Hints At Features

Discussion in 'Console Games & Hardware' started by scoopex, 18 Jan 2006.

  1. scoopex

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    This survey sent out to the PS underground members hints at what the PS3's online features may hold. Click read more to see the full list.

    1. On a typical day, how often do you play games online?
    2. Do you own a PSP?
    3. What is your preferred Online gaming format?
    4. What Online Gaming Formats do you own?
    5. Do you think you will purchase a PS3?
    6. A single identity and password for all online games?
    7. Global Lobbies allowing you to play against anyone in the world?
    8. Game Lobbies should be language based. (English, French, German etc)
    9. Game Lobbies should be based geographically.
    10. A standard, interactive lobby structure for all games.
    11. Headset support in all online games?
    12. A QWERTY keyboard as standard for messaging.
    13. USB Keyboard support for every online title.
    14. Friend List allowing you to see online/offline status?
    15. Friend List allowing you to see what game your friends are playing?
    16. Private Messaging across games?
    17. A feedback rating allowing you to choose who you play against?
    18. Ability to remove players out via a majority vote?
    19. Game Host has the ability to remove players?
    20. Automatically filter opponents based on connection quality?
    21. The ability to download music, game demos and other content?
    22. Ability to access the dedicated game forum whilst in game?
    23. Ability to take screenshots during the game and share them with friends?
    24. Ability to take movie clips in game and share them with friends?
    25. Ability to play my music during a game?
    26. An in game grief reporting system?
    27. Ability to access and manage your gaming profile via PC, PSP as well as PS3?
    28. Community features without the need for a game disc.
    29. Ability to choose an Avatar for all online titles.
    30. The inclusion of a web browser.
    31. A specific lobby only for Adults.
    32. Service should feature a Global Ranking system for each game.
    33. Game Lobbies should be Eyetoy compatible.

    Will it happen ?
  2. FeFiDoh


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    proberly they gotta do something to give L!VE a run for its money. Question is tho can L!VE match all thats on where possible. Or is that it now whats there is there? Can they update it at all ?
  3. Bobbler


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    I dont see why not, I personally dont doubt for an instant that Microsoft chucked Live out without the ability to add new features to it via updates. IIRC they talk of a five year life cycle for the 360 so they have to keep it current.
    I also dont see anything on that questions list that isnt already on Live/360, if Sony implement them then its going to be near indentical to what MS have...bar the eyetoy support which is already covered by the webcam addon (assuming it actually gets made).
  4. DaveyD

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    Sounds like Sony are actually thinking of a Live system. If they could implement half the stuff in that list, the PS3 would be a worthy competitor to the 360 regarding online support / play. A web-browser would tip it in the home-PC field then, which would be quite interesting.

    But it's only a Poll, so we will not know anything until the PS3 is officially revealed with all the specs.
  5. Smit


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    Seems that they did delay the PS3 launch somewhat to improve on the features :D
  6. Simian


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    I've a quick question?!?!?....

    Why would the PS3 need 2x HDMI Outputs!?!... surly it'd be wiser for an In and out for Loopthrough!!!... :confused:

    Check the Spec
  7. DaveyD

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    Because it's for 2 players+ players on 2 HDTVs.
  8. Manlove is my forte


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    PMSL. Looks like live to me.

    Well at least Sony are looking seriously at their online support. They could do worse than cloning LIVE.
  9. Wyrdo


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    Good, I hope Sony do release something like Live. It'd be a damn shame if the PS3 was released without a similar service as it adds so much more to the console gaming experience.

    When was this survey sent out?