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Points / Conviction friendly insurers

Discussion in 'Motors' started by Scuzi, 4 Feb 2006.

  1. Scuzi

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    I'm having a real hard time with insurance at the minute. As you can see from the following details, the insurance companies love me.

    I'm 20, been driving for 3 and a half years and have 1 year NCB.
    I have a CD10 with 4 points gained in 2004 related to an accident which was judged as my fault (even though it wasn't, long story). I had an accident in 2005 when someone drove into the back of me, which wasn't my fault (yet it seems to increase my premium).

    I used to do a lot of miles, over 50k a year, so it was inevitable that I had a prang or two but now I barely do 10-12k a year. I've had a look in the sticky but haven't found any conviction friendly insurers. Does anyone know of any insurers who specialise in fools like me or am I condemned to high premiums for another 3 years? The best all round insurer I have found is www.elephant.co.uk and have beaten almost everyone else.

    Help me! :(
  2. milgo


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    Have you tried ringing around rather than just online quotes? Mate of mine had a 1 year ban etc and got a good quote with norwich union over the phone. Also try bell.co.uk i just passed and they were the only place that would insure me on a mk2 golf gti so might be quite good in your case?
  3. Sirrel Squirrel


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    Try admiral, they are good round this area