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Positional Audio through headphones? Medusa or X-Fi

Discussion in 'Sound City' started by lufc, 26 Feb 2006.

  1. lufc


    Joined: 21 Aug 2003

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    I've been considering upgrading from my onboard audio to an X-Fi for a while now and one thing about the X-Fi thats always interested me is how good it supposedly is at creating decent positional audio with standard stereo headphones.

    I was wondering if anyone who owns and X-Fi and a set of Medusa's has compared the two and if so what are the results?

    I've had a set of Medusa's for well over a year now and although they're decent headphones, I've always found it hard to pinpoint the direction noises are coming from if there's a lot of noise happening at once, if its fairly quiet on the other hand, they do work quite well.

    I prefer gaming with headphones, but don't like losing the positional advantages you can get by using a decent 5.1 setup.