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[Possibly wrong place] 0800 Dial-up ISP's

Discussion in 'Networks & Internet Connectivity' started by davidcostello42, 9 Mar 2006.

  1. davidcostello42


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    Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I thought this seemed the most suitable for the question.

    Anyone know any ISP's offering Dial Up (56k) Internet access on an 0800 number?
    A relative just sent me a message on my mobile and asked if I could have a look online for her - after her two teenage daughters ran up the phone bill to stupid amounts through internet usage and boyfriend-calling, she's had her phone line limited so she can only call out to 0800 numbers.
    She was with AOL up until 6 months ago when they switched to 0845 numbers (rendering her unable to dial-up).
    She's after an 0800 number for 'pay as you go' 56k dial-up access.
    She was just recently with Tiscali, though I guess they're switching to an 0845 number, as she's looking for a new one.
    She doesn't want broadband, and doesn't need the internet 24/7 so a subscription service isn't prefered.

    Anyone know if any are still around?
    Thanks in advance, and sorry for the possible miss-placed post.
  2. ste_bla


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    0800 + Pay As You go surley wont work as the phone call pays for the internet, so if the call is free how do the isp get any money?
  3. stoofa


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    I'm afraid you are highly unlikely to find one.
    You've first got to look at the sheer uptake of broadband.
    Sure there are those that don't need it or don't want it however this means the vast majority of ISP's have moved away from dial-up.

    Dial-up is really kept there for those people unfortunate enough to be on a non-ADSL exchange.
    ISP's don't want there to really be any technical support required for dial-up and they certainly don't want to be messing around and spending any kind of resource on them.
    Hence, 0845 numbers (which are more or less cash neutral - the ISP can make a small amount of money from them).

    Every phone call made has to be paid for by somebody.
    When you call 0800 it is the company you are calling which is paying for the call and it isn't a simple matter of them paying the 1p/min BT weekend rate - they pay a lot more than this.
    An 0800 based ISP would make nothing but a loss as every minute somebody was connected would be costing the ISP money.