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Post random/interesting car facts

Discussion in 'Motors' started by Maximum Triceratops, 14 Apr 2010.

  1. Maximum Triceratops


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    Ok following on from my other thread I thought it might be fun to post any interesting facts that you know about anything car related, this should all expand our motoring knowledge a little :p

    Heres a few for starters.

    A total of 426 Subaru Impreza 22B's were made. 3 cars are designated 000 and were owned by Colin McRae, Nicky Grist and David Lapworth, there is no number 13 and 24 cars were made for issue outside Japan. Of this 24, 16 came to the UK and were badged 22B Type UK and are now worth quite a lot of money, the other 8 went to the owners of Subaru concessions throughout the world. It is rumoured that a few of this final 8 went to private collectors, such as The Sultan of Brunei.
    Expect to pay between £20000 and £30000 for a JDM import.
  2. Lashout_UK


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    In 1989, 16 years before the Veyron, Callaway built a road-legal Corvette called the Sledgehammer that would do 254.76mph - whereas the Veyron could 'only' do 253.8mph.

    The Sledgehammer had 'just' a 5.7 litre twin-turbo V8 (with two valves per cylinder) making 898BHP which after numerous developmental tweaks and changes, proved very reliable.

    It still had a fully-trimmed interior (with a leather-cladded cage), factory cruise, climate, electric windows & mirrors, power sports seats, ABS and a full leather interior. It was reputedly also very docile to drive as it was intended to be used daily as a rolling test bed.
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  3. Fr0dders


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    you mean this one ? :D

  4. Lashout_UK


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    Nope - that was the factory model (you could buy Callaway tuned Corvettes direct from your dealer) :) They were available with between 345BHP/450ft.lb and 450BHP/613ft.lb :)

    Must point out it's being, as usual, 'stereotypically' reviewed (and driven) by Clarkson there and as usual not really a 'true' reflection on the car - for example he quotes how the brakes & suspension are the same as the factory car - which were over-specced anyway and were rated to deal with up to 400-500BHP anyway.

    This was the Sledgehammer:

    I wonder what it's top speed would have been on a straight - and not on a banking :)
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  5. Housey

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    I found some uneaten crisps down the side of my seat and they still had onion on them and hardly any fluff.
  6. Princey


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    My car got stole and when I got it back there was a scratch card in the back. They didn't win.
  7. beermonster


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    Lamborghini Diablos used the headlight units from the Nissan 300zx, they stuck a small strip of carbon fibre on the top edge to cover the Nissan logos.
  8. Lopéz

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    Ginetta G26 had Mk1 Fiesta doors.
  9. panthro


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    An Audi RS2's 0-30mph book time is faster than the Mclaren F1.
  10. Jacob (:


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    Could trace the scratch card back to the store they bought it! Each pack has to be activated on the lottery machine before use. Go track them down :D
  11. PardonTheWait


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    Apparently the Lotus Esprit used the same gearbox as the Renault 19.
  12. markweatherill


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    People say that Japanese car factory assemblers always put a coin under the rear seats, or somewhere, for good luck.
    I went looking for mine and didn't find it. I did find a golf tee, a lapel pin for Wakalele Country Club, a JDM pencil...

    They also say Japanese cars never have 13mm nuts or bolts.