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Power problems

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Gibber, 3 Jun 2006.

  1. Gibber


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    Hi guys,
    Was running Prime95 to make sure CPU was stable in my new DFI Lanparty Ultra-D mobo (CPU ran at 2.6ghz perfectly fine on old a8n-sli, which is now broke but just wanted to make sure) it had been running fine for a few hours then all of a sudden the power just cut dead to the system, there was no power to the system at all except for the power on light. :s

    I pulled the plug out of the back of the PSU and then plugged it back in, the system powered up for like 3 secs and then cut out totally dead again, I did this a few times but with the same result. I tried one last time but this time while there was no lead connected I pressed the power button to drain any charge left in the PSU, I then reconnected it and somehow it started into windows. I then proceeded to run Prime95 again but after 10 or so minutes the system again just cut out dead in an instant. :(

    I put a spare PSU in and it's running fine at the moment but I dare not put load on it, as it's not the best PSU in the world.

    The PSU that is doing this is the non modular version of the Hiper Type-R 580W, I got it when I got my new DFI mobo. Now I've been reading about these PSU's on the forums and they don't seem to have a very good reputation from what I can gather. :( Would I be right in thinking that this PSU has gone faulty? I don't want to risk putting it in my system again, I also don't want to have this cheapo PSU running in my system for long, so should I RMA the Hiper (still in 7 day cool off period) and buy something better?

    Just for the record my specs are:

    A64 Venice 3200+ @ 2.6ghz 1.45v
    4 x 256mb Twinmos CH-5 chips (pretty crap, but they've been very stable for years) ram is running @ 2.8v
    ATI Radeon X1800 XT (Not overclocked)
    1 x PATA WD 120gb HDD
    1 x DVD writer
    couple of case fans

    Voltages on hiper seemed to be fine from what I could see and the system has been 100% stable before I was having these powercuts.