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Prime 95 assistance please

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by lucifersam, 21 Jul 2006.

  1. lucifersam


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    Prime 95 assistance please and general overclocking

    Prime 95 whats the best way to use this program, which mode to choose, can i get it to use both logical cores (CPU is hyperthreaded) :D
    also is superpi as good for stress testing?

    also i am for the first time going to try overclock my 3.2 prescott have done in the past but just given up at the first problem, would be nice if someone could give me some serious help as i am usually the sort of person to leave RAM timeings voltages etc on auto in BIOS so im not really sure whats going on, some active help would be really appreciated! :D
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  2. Ghuraba

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    Not sure about the Hyperthreading aspect. But 'Small FTT's' is used to test the stability of the CPU and 'Blend' is more of an overall stability test for the cpu and ram. Super PI is a program I use but I have passed Super PI many times and failed Prime in minutes.

    In the past my PC has passed S&M, OCCT and Super PI and failed Prime95 eventually. I stick with Prime95 as the final stability test in my selection after passing all the rest. Eight hours or so of Prime left on overnight or during the day is normally considered a good time to test for stability.

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