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pro evo 5 over dvi oddity

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by marc2003, 27 May 2006.

  1. marc2003


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    now this is one of the strangest pc related problems i've had......

    i've had pro evo 5 for ages now and it has always played flawlessly on my system. yesterday i bought myself my first ever tft and using the vga connection it's fine. but if i play via dvi, i get delays in the sound. like the sound of a ball being kicked doesn't happen until a second after it appears on screen. slightly distracting to say the least. what can cause this just because i've changed connections. and alternating between vga and dvi shows consistent results. vga=good, dvi=bad. what the hell would cause this? :confused:

    specs pentium m 740/ct479 adapter
    asus p4c800e dlx
    1gb ocz plat rev2
    x800gto (cat 6.3)
    soundblaster 4.1 sound (hooked upto my midi system)
    packard bell 19" widescreen tft (stuck on vga for now :p)