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Problem with an ASROCK Dual-Sata board

Discussion in 'Motherboards' started by AFK_Matrix, 24 Jul 2006.

  1. AFK_Matrix

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    Ok I am building a computer for a friend and have an ASROCK Dual-SATA board and an Antec Sonata version 1 case. Basically the Power LED from the case has 3 holes but the motherboard header only has 2 pins. I have found what to do on the ASROCK site here:


    Its the 14th answer from the top.

    But how do I change the position of the cable? Do I use a pin to detach the cable or is there another way of removing the cable?
  2. scott.holmes


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    Ive never tried this, so be careful but i think it should jsut pull out with a little teasing. IIRC there is a metal contact on the back of the plastic thing, if you maybe push that in a bit it should release the whole cable.
  3. [email protected]

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    Or alternatively, just cut the plastic lug down the middle, and turn each bit 90 degrees in opposite directions. Each one will then fit invidually over the pins.

    Its not the perfect approach, but it saves picking around trying to pull out wires that might break.

    Make sense???

  4. kidloco


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    I had to do the same this weekend, lift 1 of the tiny plastic flaps on the connector and push the pin out with a knife or tiny screw driver.
  5. freddib


    Joined: 25 Jul 2006

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    i just cut my cable and found an old 2pin connector and joined them
    i could never figure out how to get them out ,pushing the metal piece in didnt help

    thanks for the 90degree spin method will try that the next time i get this problem
  6. vanandjuanunited


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    Easiest way of doing it tbh. :)
  7. AFK_Matrix

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    Thanks for the suggestions. Did it last night and all i did is use a very small screw drive to lift the little plastic strip on the back so the metal pin slid out. Was very easy to do.