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Problem with o2

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones & Tablets' started by matthew_o50, 14 Aug 2006.

  1. matthew_o50


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    Hi, I recently upgraded my contract with o2. My new phone arrived on the 1st August but i've been on holiday since. Last year I was paying £15 a month on their online 100 contract and this year they said they would take another £5 of my line rental. I took this to mean that I would only be paying £10 a month and agreed to it. I just got home and checked my online bill which was more than it should be. It was around £20 It looks like they have only taken £5 of the original line rental instead of £15. Have o2 made a mistake or have I misunderstood the woman on the phone? The way she explained it to me it sounded like I would only be paying £10 a month. If i'm wrong I would like to cancel my contract. Tomorrow will be the 14th day i've had the phone, will I be too late do you think?


  2. z0mbi3


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    Well to me 14 days is 14 days, including the 14th.

    I'm pretty sure you'll be fine provided you get the ball rolling ASAP.