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Problem with X-Fi XtremeMusic (or my system...)

Discussion in 'Sound City' started by Overslop, 3 Aug 2006.

  1. Overslop


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    Hey all.

    I just performed a reinstallation of Windows XP. All devices have installed OK so far but I have encountered a problem with my X-Fi.

    I plugged it in and once Windows had loaded I installed the latest drivers. Upon finishing the installation and rebooting a BSoD was shown just before it restarted. I should note that this happened when installing an update for a McAfee security update too. They both flashed up and disappeared far too quickly for me to read the message though. :(

    Once Windows had reloaded, I decided to attempt to reinstall the drivers for the X-Fi. Once it got to the end of the process, it states that a shortcut for the Creative Audio Console could not be created. It is not accessible via the link on the Start menu. I tried accessing it via the link in Control Panel and it says that no compatible device is installed. I tried reinstalling yet again but the same thing happened.

    Is this a common problem with these drivers or is something wrong with my system? The X-Fi was working OK (using the previous beta drivers) and I had no BSoDs on this computer before. Am pretty worried and don't know how to continue so assistance would be very much appreciated. ;)
  2. wichall


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