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Problems with an 80GB Ipod Video

Discussion in 'Apple Hardware' started by GreenMint, 7 Jun 2010.

  1. GreenMint

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    Heya guys, not sure where to go with this, someone at work asked me to look at her daughters Ipod Video 80GB today as it keeps freezing up every now and again, a simple middle button + menu hard reset fixes it each time, but plugging it int my pc it is showing up as a device/drive, but not in itunes at all, tried it on a few machines and nothing, I unplugged it once to get a message about "you have removed an ipod which could be corrupted, please restore it via itunes" but other than that, no dice getting it to show up. (the ipod is always showing connected on the screen when plugged into a PC)

    Any ideas or is it really a warranty w/ Apple issue?
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  2. Luxor


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    If it's under warranty I wouldn't hesitate taking it to the genius bar, they would just swap it out.

    If it's out of warranty and a 5th generation then they are quite straightforward to open (the 6th is a nightmare). It sounds as though the hard drive is up the shoot but could be just a loose connection.