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problems with pc to hdtv

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Batigol79, 25 Apr 2010.

  1. Batigol79


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    My gpu is a 5850 and ive hooked it upto my 42" philips 42PFL7603D with hdmi cable. My problem is the screen flickers realy badly at 1080p, it doesnt do this at 720p but when in any game it flickers and the screen tears even with v sinc enabled!

    Ive tryed two different hdmi cables and everything works fine on my 24" samsung monitor. Is there anything I could try or an option in ccc that I need to check? Please I realy want to use my new hdtv for my pc.

    Any help or advice would be great, thanks...
  2. McstylisT

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    I get the same thing on my 5770 series. I am now even using a crossfire x and it still does this.

    My set is only a 32" and is 1080i but it only seems to work on 720P for me where i get no flicker.

    Would be interesting to see if anyone knows why this is a problem on the new cards as my previous 4870 worked fine on the same screen.