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Projector screen sizes.

Discussion in 'Home Cinema & Hi-Fi' started by sswats, 8 Jun 2010.

  1. sswats

    Wise Guy

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    Is there a weird system for measuring the diagonal?

    Reason i ask was i wanted to buy one of those pull up projector screens that are portable, and wanted the optoma with viewing dimensions 2030cm x 1145cm. which is 92". as advertised.

    But thats out of stock most places so i found the Sapphire SFL200WSFP listed as a 16:9 100" diagonal for only a bit more. Seemed a good enough deal. but everywhere i look lists its viewing size as 197cm x 111cm which is 89".

    am I missing something?
  2. monkeyspank


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  3. sswats

    Wise Guy

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    thats the obvious answer, but why the BS advertisement from an apparently well known screen brand.
  4. Chris1712


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    Probably just a misprint or cross posting of specs from different models. Use the actual model number and refer to the manufacturers support pages to find out for sure I reckon.
  5. dadofsam


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    Projector screens are normally / should be measured along the bottom edge and not diagonally. However, there has been a shift recently where they are now starting to measure diagonally, very annoying if you don't read the specs in depth and end up with a much smaller screen then you were expecting.