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PS2 -> VGA

Discussion in 'Console Games & Hardware' started by Bri, 26 Feb 2006.

  1. Bri


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    I'm thinking of hooking my PS2 up to my TFT monitor in my 'den' (it's a Samsung 913N).

    I've been having a mosey on eBay, as you do, are these the sort of things I need to be looking at;

    This , this this too!

    Anything in particular I need to check on? Will it look better on the monitor? (not bothered if it doesn’t tbh, as long as it doesn't look worse!) & will using one of these affect the performance of my monitor with normal PC usage?

    Ta in advance :)
  2. nO}{8

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  3. DaveyD

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    I have the "Multi Purpose XGA Box (VGA Box)" and found it a load of pants for gaming, picture quality was awful via Xbox S-Video.

    DVDs + Video were fine for watching however.
  4. R0B75


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    Any of those boxes will probably work though the quality WILL be terrible.

    Your question is one that's asked quite often on here.

    In order to get a half decent picture from the PS2 on a TFT will be using a component output from the PS2, going via a VGA box capable upscaling to the TFTs native resolution. I presume yours would be 1280x1024. Unfortunately these boxes cost more than £100, like a CYP CSC200RS or VTB-108. Google them.

    I bought a VGA box called a "CYP Presenter 1". It had a component input and obviously a VGA output, this would only upscale to 1024x768 and looked rubbish on a 19" TFT. I sent it back as it was no way worth £100 for what I wanted it to do.

    I sold my PS2 in the end cos using one of these boxes was my last hope. Sure you can use free programs like Dscaler and run the PS2 through your vid card on your pc but I tried this and the results were horrible.
  5. Bri


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    Sod that, I'm not spending £100 on it! I'll keep it on the widescreen TV downstairs! Cheers for the replies chaps.