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PS2 woes, please help me before i hurt someone...

Discussion in 'Console Games & Hardware' started by JCBeastie, 24 Jan 2006.

  1. JCBeastie

    Wise Guy

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    OMG I am sick to death with my PS2!

    I was one of those fools who went out and bought a brand spanking-new Playstation2 and the princly sum of £300! Shortly after launch. (300001 series)

    Now it served me well for about 6 months (lol) it was then I had my first "Disk Read Error", it was on Quake III Arena. Firstly the disk drive would click repeatedly ingame, shortly before hanging. Later it refused to read.

    Eventually it stopped playing DVD movies altogether, adamantly refusing to read any disc I put in.

    So I forked out about £60 to have it repaired, and all was fixed.

    For a short time anyway...

    It couldn't have been more than 4 months before it did it again, this time worse! It now fails to read many games, CD's and DVD's!!! The only thing I can be certain of it running is original Playstation titles! My Playstation did that!!

    So I had it looked at again on the renewed warranty, it was serviced and returned, and the problems are once again back.

    I have even attempted to fix it myself by manually adjusting the laser intensity, this worked for a while.

    So I'm sick to death of spending time and money getting this thing to run, I love the PS2 and the games on it, I just want one that works, what can I do?

    There was a landmark coourt settlement made in the US, see http://www.ps2settlement.com/ for details. No use for us peeps here though...

    I want Sony to realise that they sold me Oi! No swearing! and sort it out once and for all (PS3 plz :p )

  2. Spamalot


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    Why dont you just get a new one, should only cost around £50 from the bay.
  3. BigBoy


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    edit it that swary dude unless you want a holiday.

    Other than keep adjusting it yourself there is nothing you can do to make sony see the problem. (one little customer against a multi million corp like sony i dont think so)
  4. BAcon


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    you do realise disk read errors are mostly caused by a tiny peice of plastic on the laser adjusting mechanism which costs about £3 off ebay, very easy to self repair

    my bros ps2 did the same as yours, £3 later its been perfect for over 18months

    ever wondered why so many people were after disk read error ps2's on the cheap? its cause it cost next to nowt to repair with a quick google and the plastic part :)

    that £60 repair was a lot of profit :(
  5. mmj_uk


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    Yes mine did this after about 2yrs, it's called the 'laser arm' - a little plastic arm which moves the laser up and down a rail.

    After a bit of research I bought a new one for about £5 and fitted it in about 10mins, been fine ever since. Symptoms were games wouldn't load and the drive would make an awful continuous clicking/clunking sound when a disc was inserted (this was caused by the worn laser arm slipping).
    Last edited: 24 Jan 2006
  6. Sagalout


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    I dont think I've ever had any sort of CD or DVD player thats lasted more than 3 years - and thats going back over 15 years. I've very very careful with my discs but always get read errors after a few years, even with major brand stuff. Maybe I just live in a very dusty house. In fact thats probably it - I'll blame the mrs for not attending to her duties with sufficient thoroughness. :D