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Q6600 got to 3.4ghz with 1.35v, whats the average voltage for these chips?

Discussion in 'CPUs' started by Biomanic, 23 Apr 2008.

  1. Biomanic


    Joined: 25 Jan 2008

    Posts: 24

    Im a happy man to get this far at 3.4ghz, not one single crash or fail boot yet.

    Was just wondering what the average voltage was for clocking these, im feeling prety lucky so far at just 1.35v.
  2. psycodelicmonti


    Joined: 7 Feb 2008

    Posts: 25

    Seems pretty good! Mines at 3.2Ghz and 1.375v
  3. HeX


    Joined: 20 Jun 2004

    Posts: 11,984

    Location: Huddersfield, UK

    I run 3.5 @ 1.4325V so you are doing well :D
  4. Biomanic


    Joined: 25 Jan 2008

    Posts: 24

    Hi guys.

    I got to 3.5ghz, had to rais the vcore to 1.4, mite get away with it lower but its 100% stable, and my cores are showing 25c in speed fan.


    Iv now got my timing set to, all is good. I only installed it yesterday so I wont go to mad yet,l let the AS set in.
  5. psychas


    Joined: 12 Jun 2007

    Posts: 8,728

    Location: Ireland

    3.6ghz on air 1.384 v
  6. ants83

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 29 Jun 2004

    Posts: 2,462

    mine is at 3.4ghz and is at 1.475 vcore
  7. naudiz


    Joined: 24 Apr 2007

    Posts: 545

    Location: Rochford

    THat temperature seems a bit optimistic, check with Coretemp as well

  8. Biomanic


    Joined: 25 Jan 2008

    Posts: 24

    Abit Guru shows 28c Coretempp shows 38c, speedfan shows 25c and bios shows 29c.

    psychas is that clock for 24/7 usage or for just benching, seems crazy gettin 3.6ghz on air for that vcore?
  9. Biomanic


    Joined: 25 Jan 2008

    Posts: 24

    Last edited: 24 Apr 2008
  10. Matt26LFC


    Joined: 21 Feb 2008

    Posts: 215

    Location: Kent

    Nice OC your getting good volts cos u got a processor with a nicer VID 1.2875, it seems the lower the VID the better it OC's, hoping to buy a Q6700 soon, hope i get a VID like that ;)
  11. Dale


    Joined: 5 Jan 2004

    Posts: 661

    Location: Sussex

    How long does it Prime95 at 3.6 with that Vcore?

    I've tried 3.6 with a Vcore 1.480 (CPU-Z) and backed it off. CoreTemp was reading 70,70, 66,66 across all four cores - which I thought was getting a bit high!

    Idle temps (Windows / internet browsing etc) are currently at 34, 32, 32, 33. (still at 3.6)

    Prime ran for 10min before I manually stopped it as I didn't like how hot it was getting.

    I'm using a Tuniq Tower with some AS thermal paste underneath.
  12. Biomanic


    Joined: 25 Jan 2008

    Posts: 24

    Priming iv not dont yet as im needing to use my computer for work, but its running all my apps without fault. Im rendering using all 4 threads so my work is very intensive.

    My Tower is a TT Mozart TX with 3x 120mm case fans, plus 2x 120mm on my Dual Rad, these are SilenX iXtrema ones.

    My CPU block is holding its own here, and is doing a exceptional job. Im using a rare Silverprop Cyclone VE.

  13. IAmATeaf


    Joined: 3 Apr 2007

    Posts: 7,158

    Location: South of the Watford Gap!

    You really need to Prime all 4 cores, even an hour will show you how stable your overclock is.
  14. sprognak


    Joined: 27 Jan 2006

    Posts: 481

    3.15GHz at stock (1.25V)...
  15. LeJimster


    Joined: 8 Jan 2003

    Posts: 421

    Location: Sheffield, UK

    3.48Ghz (8x435) 1.4625 vcore in bios (1.45-1.46 in windows)
  16. VortexA1

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 14 Nov 2006

    Posts: 2,378

    Location: Shoeburyness,England

    Yep..also out of all your temperature reading..coretemp is the one to go for.
  17. Hesky82

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 8 Jan 2005

    Posts: 2,405

    Location: Worcestershire

    latest speedfan also reads kentfields correctly :)
  18. Sin_Chase


    Joined: 13 Jan 2004

    Posts: 20,574

    1.390 in Windows
    3474Mhz (386x9)
    1.2375 VID

    Will be pushing for 3.6 tonight most likely, doing some lapping :p
  19. Dougiebabe2003


    Joined: 31 Oct 2005

    Posts: 702

    Location: South-West

    1.48V under load,
    64,64,64,62 with ambient temp of 25C

    VID is 1.3125v

    Cooler, Thermalight 120A thingy

    These chips are great :D
  20. Biomanic


    Joined: 25 Jan 2008

    Posts: 24

    Thanks to eveyone for their responces.

    This chip is by far the best iv ever owned.