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Q9550 with Asus ram x48 mb can help me O/C

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by ashmanuk67, 15 Mar 2010.

  1. ashmanuk67

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    Hi all can you help me reach a better overclock ?

    See my sig for speck, At the mo i have 8.5 on multiplier and 400 on fsb i have 3.4Ghz and my memory is PC8500 1066 though i have this set at 800Mhz,
    which is great dont get me wrong but can i get a better overclock faster FSB etc.

    Thanks in advance;)
  2. pastymuncher

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    You are not going to get much further on a X48 board as the boards are severly fsb limited with a 45nm quad. My Q9550 does 3.6Ghz on stock volts but to get any further i have to pump some serious voltage through the board (NB etc) and even then it tops out below 450 fsb. I so badly want to see how far i can push this Q9550 that i got a Gigabyte P43 board (£35 brand new :D) so that i can get rid of this DFI X48 and stick the MSI P45 Platinum from my second rig in there.