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query + best 939 for o/c'ing?

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by Dead Dog, 19 Jan 2006.

  1. Dead Dog


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    as title.
    i may well change my cpu soonish, the one i have is a winnie, and has done superbly 2700~ish (not stable :p ) but i had some bother with my water pump, and it'd shut down a few times due to heat, and now i have another pump the poor winnie doesn't like an OC at all, and i mean at all, if i raise the fsb just 5 it flids, so i just run it at std speed.
    i did rma my ram a while ago patriot TCCD and haven't oc'ed that ram, so maybe it could be that but i don't think so.

    stuff :
    water cooled rig
    3200 winnie
    2x512 patriot tccd

    i haven't oc'ed since the rma and then i had the pump pack up, but before then i was getting REAL good results from the stuff.

    your thoughts?

    as i'm assuming it's the cpu i would replace it soon, so whats the best 939 for oc'ing these days opteron, san diago, venice + the best codes on the chips :D , i intend to get oc'ing again!