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Question about Cool and quiet controller

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by daz87uk, 29 Sep 2009.

  1. daz87uk


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    ok so here it is, I have 3 cool n quiet controlls and 2 other monitor/power pins.

    pwr Fan - PSU
    NB - not used
    Fan 0 - cpu
    Fan 1 - rear Fan
    Fan 2 - Front Fan

    Now I had my rear fan orignally plugged into the northbridge controller that runs at full wack, so decided to go for the last cool n quiet socket which is to far away for the fan cable to reach. so I had some ends of a 3 pin to molex, removed the wires and manged to make an extension cable with all 3 wires in the correct way L N and the yellow control wire and plugged it into the board.

    My bios says Fan 2 is running at 1500 RPM and Fan 1 at 800rpm, using a cool n quiet socket why is fan 2 still running at a noisy 1500? after all that rewiring for nothing :(. also AOD only picks up 2 fans, the cpu and fan 1. Fan 2 is greyed out?