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Question about VRMs.

Discussion in 'Motherboards' started by LukeMurtagh1995, 8 May 2020.

  1. LukeMurtagh1995


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    Just a quick technical question about motherboards. How important are the number of power phases a motherboard has? For examples I am looking at the Z490 Gigabyte Aorus Master and Xtreme. The former has 14 phases whilst the latter has 16 phases. What difference would you all expect to see between these two VRMs when it comes to overclocking the i9-10900K? I know information like this is hard to get because of a lack of reviews but just wanted to hear everyone's thoughts.

  2. Harlequin


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    watch buildzoids channel on you tube (very tech heavy about motherboard construction) - its more about the quality of the actual parts and if the phases are actually real ones or just doubled rather than how many.
  3. Mcnumpty2323


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    The board with highest number isn't always best
    Due to lot of boards using multipliers/doublers
    Probably not the exact technical term for it but it's essentially what it does
    Edit harlequin types faster than me lol
    But we agree anyway :)
  4. Tetras


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    This, you need a breakdown of the overall quality and how it is hooked up rather than just counting phases. It's difficult to say yet what the priority will be with Z490 motherboards, but given the reports on power consumption, it's probably going to be cooling to stop them throttling.