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Quick advice on HTPC

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by slothmeister, 5 Oct 2009.

  1. slothmeister

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    Hi guys, my friend is just building up a small HTPC, he has seen one on ebay that he likes the look of and is just wondering whether or not it would make a good starting point.

    Specs are:
    foxconn rc4107ma motherboard
    ati x800gt
    1gb ddr2 ram
    Intel Celeron 2800
    Antec Fusion case

    No i realise that the ram is going to have to be bumped up to at least 2gb, and it's probably best to get a dual core processor, but would the cheapest dual core cpu work on this motherboard?

    Anything else to consider
  2. RJC


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