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Quick question - had a slight bump

Discussion in 'Motors' started by EddScott, 27 Sep 2009.

  1. EddScott


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    Wife sets off to a friends this am and reverses out the drive into a car parked half on half off the curb on the other side. Our road is a little tight but even so she didn't see it (How you can miss an old green Passat I've no idea)

    Anyway, on the Passat theres a fist size dent on the rear corner under the rear light. There was no one in the street and I don't think anyone saw but we thought it best to knock and fess up. Although the car belongs to a visitor we have a very very poor relationship with the person that lives there - history but parking related.

    The chap came out and we apologised and I offered to fetch the insurance details which I did. Whilst in the house, the chap said to my wife if we give him £40 for him to do it himself he'll leave it at that. It probably won't cost him £40 and he may feel its not worth the effort but its worth £40 for quick end to the issue.

    If I give him the £40 is there anyway he can still claim or cause us a problem? I didn't give him our insurance details. It might well be a silly question to ask but considering we really don't get on with the neighbour I just want to be sure.
  2. blueboy2001


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    Unless you can get him to sign something that the £40 is in full and final settlement of any claim, potentially he could claim against your insurance. If he's got your reg number his insuerers will be able to look up your details so the fact he doesn't have them is not really an issue.

    However, for £40 I think I'd take the chance really.
  3. miniyazz


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