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R.I.P Keith Flint

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by antijoke, 4 Mar 2019.

  1. flea.rider

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    he went when he'd had enough on his own terms ... respect and rip Keith
  2. HazardO


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    Location: Cambridge

    He always seemed a tortured soul to me.
  3. FoxEye


    Joined: 17 Feb 2006

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    This. It never goes away.

    Occasionally it manifests when you're "in pretty strung out shape" and not able to keep up the brave face.

    Most of the time you're hiding what you feel because few people would have any chance of understanding it at all. You always seem to get comments like, "Your life is pretty good, tho? There's nothing wrong with you..."

    And you have to chuckle/scream.
  4. db2431


    Joined: 14 Dec 2006

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    This is the worst part if it all.Its like you can mention it once and get a free pass, but mention it twice and you are clamoring for attention and its likely to push people away.Really nobody cares until the male ultimately decides to end it all.Then everyone suddenly cares.Very cruel irony.But if it was a female she would get chance after chance and emotional support from everywhere, yet we claim to have equality.Its a joke and men are now seen as the inferior sex.
  5. fastwunz


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    Awful news. Utter legend.
  6. PC777


    Joined: 23 Dec 2018

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    Very sad to hear the news today. Saw Prodigy at least twice back in the mid- late 90's; though in the spirit of the time I can't actually remember exactly when - though once was definitely at a Glastonbury where I turned up as an impoverished student with barely more than a tent flysheet that could fit in my back pocket and about £20, We walked all round the fence a mile or two till a giant section was simply pushed over and you could just walk right in.

    You couldn't even get near the stage during their set, though you can bet anything Keith would have been the main focus, in full 'nutter' mode back then not long after Firestarter released.

    So sad to know that like so many entertainers who give it their all, that he truly hid behind the tears of a clown.

    I hope he finds the peace in death that he couldn't find during his life.
  7. Cool Breeze

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    Joined: 19 Oct 2009

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    Well Said , I agree 100%
  8. BowdonUK


    Joined: 17 Jan 2016

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    I'm shocked to hear the news.

    I remember back in my teenage years with the prodigy music playing in the background as I was playing the computer games of the day. Part of my daily routine back then.

    If anyone is struggling to cope please reach out to someone. Just talking about a problem with someone else can give a different perspective, and though it might not solve it, you'll be able to think more clear on a way out.
  9. Dempsey22

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    Very sad waking up to the news. I saw the Prodigy in the Nov 2008 , was an amazing night. Like others, I have been blasting Prodigy tunes all morning.

    RIP Keith.
  10. robfosters


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    Location: Welling, London

    So it was suicide then?
  11. Skidder

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    Says 'took his own life' on their official instagram
  12. iamtheoneneo


    Joined: 15 Mar 2010

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    The prodigy played such a massive role in my late teens they were the only band I really cared about. I played there songs constantly, did drunken karaoke to their songs and all ways requested them in this crappy bar we used to go to in bournemouth.

    People aren't joking when they say that firestarter video had a deep impact. Yes it was scary at the time but also became a sort of weird organized chaos, a message of kinds that you didnt have to conform and it was ******* cool not too.

    That video and that song was never about rebellion, it was more about 'we are here , this is our level, your either on it or not'

    In later years I remember buying all the versions of that baby's got a temper single after they had a bit of a break. I cant remember why but I think they had different B sides or it may have just been a different cover. Lol that's how bad it got!

  13. Adnams Drinker

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    My sentiments exactly, especially with me being exactly a month older than Keith. Hope he's at peace, but realised the joy he and the Prodigy brought to so many people.
    Indeed, I fear the speakers in my car have no idea of the battering they're going to get on the way home ...
  14. Pawnless Endgame


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    No Good, Voodoo People, Firestarter and Breathe were from my formative years. Then went back and bought their 1st album retrospectively. The Prodge lost the plot in the 2000s, but their later material went back to their rave roots and the Prodge would remain one of my all-time favourite bands now.

    RIP Keef Prodge :(
  15. PC777


    Joined: 23 Dec 2018

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    Just watching some old videos before Keith adopted the Firestarter persona when he was just a dancer, I think that later crazy persona overshadowed just how cool and influential he was in the early 90's club scene.

    Just look at what an amazing dancer he was in this video, he helped get so many people dancing back then trying to copy some of his moves, I know I did. He was maybe the best dancer in a band that had some amazing dancers, except Liam.

    So influential and ahead of his time, to think you had Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer in America at round about this same time, the UK music scene was so much cooler and Prodigy were a big reason why.

    He was such a joyful and vibrant character, it's so sad, if he'd had even a day to think about it and take it all back he'd probably still want to live right now.

    It's why you've just got to keep going whatever happens.
  16. MookJong


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    They had 27 live dates lined up for this year, it must have been a massive shock for Liam and Maxim.

    I guess that is the end of it really. After being a super fan in the 90s I stepped away around the time of "Baby's got a temper" didn't like the direction change that made them super famous. For me they could never hit the heights of Jilted Generation again. I hope Liam makes some more self indulgent studios albums again.

    Kind of brushed this off this morning but wow reflecting back over my teens, massive part of my life. The only reason I am into synths and making my own music is because of Liam Howlett.

    Just seen the post above, yes I agree I liked Fat of The Land but it was kind of the beginning of the end for me. Keith being a front man was a stroke on genius making them world famous but the sound changed to far away from what I loved about the cinematics of Jilted and the sheer fun of experience.
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  17. Cool Breeze

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    Also seen today on Facebook Keith also had an investment in a Moto 3 team so aside from music Motorsport has lost a big player too. (not sure if this has been mentioned)

    Doubling the void left, such a tradgey but atlest he has found peace.

    May you be starting many fires in Heaven my man.
  18. teejay73

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    Such a damn shame! For me the Prodigy was always about what came before they were mainstream - Seeing them at The London Astoria & Camden palace in 91 & 92 were some of the moments that defined my youth - The B-side to Charly, "your love" was and is my all time
    fave tune from them - Your no good for me was always a great track.

    Keefy was a nutter back then & embraced the rave scene like a kid in a sweetshop - his exuberant style & dancing really made The Prodigy the highlight of any rave. R.I.P Keefy!
  19. CircleFaust


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  20. paintguy


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    Like some here I drifted away after Fat of The Land, but was a massive fan of their early stuff and I still play it regularly.

    My dubious claim to fame was Keith standing on my hand in his big hobnail boots and kneeing me in the head at a gig in Manchester (1997 I think). I was leaning on some railings around the sound engineers desk and he decided to run along the top of them!